Making Better Episode 20 Andreus Stefik

Andreas Stefik is an associate professor of computer science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

For the last decade, he has been creating technologies
that make it easier for people, including those with disabilities, to write computer software. He helped establish the first national educational infrastructure
for blind or visually impaired students to learn computer science and invented the first evidence-based programming language, Quorum.

The design of Quorum is created from data derived through methodologies similar to those used in the medical community. Stefik has been a principal investigator on 5 National Science Foundation funded
grants, many of which related to accessible graphics and computer science education. Finally, he was honored with the 2016 White House Champions of Change
award and the Expanding CS Opportunities award from and the Computer Science Teachers Association. Click here to follow Andreas Stefik on Twitter.

As always, Episode 20 of Making Better is fully transcribed, and you can click here to consume Episode 20 in text form.

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