Making Better, A New Podcast

Welcome to Making Better, an exciting new podcast that presents great minds discussing an optimistic vision of the future. In every episode we explore a different view of the world presented by individuals who are actively working to make the world a better place with a focus on optimizing human potential in a highly diverse population.

Episode 1 of Making Better, featuring inclusive design specialist Sina Bahram, will go live in March, 2019 and we have a number of other interesting interviews already recorded and ready to release on our monthly schedule.

Making Better Guests

In addition to Sina Bahram, we are proud to have interviewed Micheal Marshall of the UK's Good Thinking Society; ME Thomas, author of Confessions Of A Sociopath and two MacArthur Genius Fellows, Jim Fruchterman and Richard M. Stallman. We have a queue of other interesting and notable guests so stay tuned to this site for more announcements.

The Hosts

Making Better is hosted by molecular biologist Dr. Francis Di Donato and disability rights activist Chris Hofstader. The pair first met when they were active members of the New York City punk rock scene in which both performed in hardcore bands. In the years since, Francis received his PhD from Temple Medical School and Chris, now totally blind, pursued a career making technology used by people with disabilities to access information on computers.

Making Better was conceived in a series of conversations between Francis and Chris and it brings their combined experience, wisdom and unique vision to its interviews.

How You Can Help

Making Better is created by a team of four people. In addition to Francis and Chris, we have producer Chris Smart and web site person Amanda Rush. For all of us, Making Better is a labor of love but there are very definitely expenses involved in bringing the show to its listeners. We ask that you please consider sending us a financial gift by using the form on the home page of this web site. The minimum contribution we can accept is $10 and, at this time, we can only take one time contributions as we haven't built a system for accepting micropayments yet.

When Making Better has raised $1000, we will change our release schedule from monthly to bi-weekly, doubling the amount of content for our listeners. Please do consider sending us a gift so you and those less able to afford such will be able to hear the thoughts of the terrific guests and hosts on this exciting new podcast.

Thanks for reading!

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